Define your work space and hours

I know that it sounds simple and obvious, but you need to set out a space where you go to everyday that is just yours for work. It needs to be permanent, not the kitchen table which you need to move off when its lunchtime. Now this could be anywhere. I’ve seen office units under stairs, in between the utility room and the kitchen, in the spare bedroom. But as along as its yours, it doesn’t matter. And as long as its fixed. Remember that WiFi is prohibited so a direct Ethernet connection to your modem/router is required. People in your family need to respect these boundaries, and your desk shouldn’t be a place for that extra school bag or Sunday papers. Its yours, keep it that way.

The absolute best solution for creating your own space is to have it outside of the house. If you have a garage that can be converted, or a shed or an outbuilding. Yes, I know, that’s a tough one, and most people don’t, but it’s a consideration.

You will also need to set your hours too. Make sure everyone is aware that this is when you will be working and you are not to be disturbed. you need to be strict with yourself on this or it can go one of 2 ways. You can end up working way more hours over what you would do if you were in the office or you can spend too much time floating around getting very little done. It depends on your personality. I think you will know which one you are.. and what you have a tendency to do. Most of our clients expect 15-20 hours minimum weekly. We suggest to always schedule 2-3 more hours then what is expected in case anything comes up last minute. This helps ensure flexibility when working from home.

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