Creating a Work/life Balance POA

Recently we had some of our VWA CSP Agents ask for tips on how to achieve balance so they can be more productive, efficient and rested. A plan of action (POA) with proper scheduling will make attaining a work/life balance a breeze.

1 | Create a morning routine that calmly eases you into your work day

Wake up at a time that feels reasonable, make yourself a coffee and enjoy it with your partner, family or housemate if you have one. Enjoy some conversation before you get to work or spend some time meditating. Then sit with your planner on the couch and set a list of goals for the day, tasks to accomplish and any other to-dos.

2 | Get ready for the day

You don’t have to apply a full-face of makeup or get dolled up in a power suit. Instead focus on being comfortable throughout the day and get dressed in a clean outfit that’s outside-the-house friendly in case you need to run an errand later.

3 | Time-blocking your day to ensure you can complete all priority tasks, projects and errands

Like we discussed, you’re your own boss so you really don’t have to work for a solid 8 hours at a time. Instead, figure out when you’re optimal time to accomplish all your tasks are. Of course, scheduling time in your day to do things like shopping and exercise can mean you’re running a bit short. Don’t do yourself an injustice by not scheduling that time back if you need it. Get extra work done on a lazy Saturday morning or after dinner. Learn to be flexible with your time (it’s your self-employed right) but keep a sharp eye (and pencil) on your list to make sure you’re not neglecting any tasks.

4 | Create a comfortable and creative space to work

Sitting on the couch or in your bed can perhaps be great for a sick day or social media family sharing, but trying to be productive in that scenario the whole day will likely not end well.

Instead, create an ‘office’ by having a creative corner, desk or room that is dedicated to your work. A space that you can definitively leave at the end of your work day. Be sure to put pictures to remind yourself why you started. Make your space a cute & happy place to work at. Post job aids and use sticky notes to help attain your metrics. This will help you feel motivated. We suggest that our agents schedule at least 30 minutes off between a large shift to relax, grab a cup of coffee to then refocus.

Creating a schedule around your families needs with give you the opportunity to spend more time with those that matter, family. Just be sure to commit to the work schedule that you pick and once selected, make the commitment to prioritize your work so that you can still earn great revenue to spend on what you need & enjoy.

Hope this helps. Thank you for your service.

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