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Luna R.


I am really new to this working from home. Cristina is the best,she dedicated her time to answer all my phone calls, emails, private messages and text message, the last thing I needed was to drag her out from her I am so glad that I am part of a trusting and loyal company. If it weren't for VWA (Cristina) I would not be where I am now. Thank you so much in taking the time to assist me and you know I bug a lot :) but you are the best!

Tanisha L.


"I absolutely LOVE this company! The owners are honest, super friendly and very helpful in getting me started with my work at home business. I've recommended them to my friends and family. And they too, have started working with Virtual Work Agency. Yay!"

Jess L.

With my husband traveling for work and our kids busy schedules, I wanted a job that was flexible and allowed me to stay close to home. Working for Virtual Solutions Agency is the answer for my life. Cristie has been so helpful in guiding me in the direction that is right for me.

Mr. & Mrs. Davis


"My husband and I were always on opposite schedules. I was a nurse and he was a sales associate. When I became pregnant with our son, my priorities changed. I wanted to be home with them. Several of my co-workers would tell me how working different shifts would take away from their time doing activities with their kids. I contacted several other companies and never heard back from.The ones that did get in touch,wanted me to sell things or recruit.I found Virtual Work Agency on facebook.  I must have asked a ton of questions until I decided to apply. I started out part time and since then I quit my job at the hospital. My husband saw how happy I was with my client. He also saw how well I was getting paid and decided to join in it with me. Needless to say, this was two years ago. He still services the road assistance company, I have stayed with "Mickey & friends". Our family is eternally grateful."

Michelle D.


“Before I found Virtual Work Agency LLC. I couldn't find a job that would pay well and provide the flexibility I needed. I love the fact that I get to chose who I service. I love fitness and coaching others. I now get to work worry free knowing that if I have a commitment next week I can easily swap my scheduled hours or just leave my afternoon open that day. I feel like my own boss and couldn't be happier. I get praised for my hard work. Acknowledgement is important, I feel valued. Thank you for proving me flexibility I need while still counting on a great income!"


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